Know Sportbooks and How to Win Mix Parlay Easily.

Sportbooks as we know is a sport games such as soccer, basketball, tenis, and many other games. Judi Sportbooks Terpercaya is a bet that bettors do on their main teams on their chosen match.

In sportbooks many terms we should know first before putting the bet such as handicap, odd/even, over/under, HT/FT, mix parlay and the fine which in Asian known as khe.

Handicap in Asian is called by Voor.  0.25 in red means that that team give a quarter ball whereas if the result is draw then the bettor that bet on that team will lose half of their bet.  0.75 means third quarter ot same as 1.5/2 in red then that team will give third quarter ball or one and third quarter whereas if the result is 1-0 or 2-0 then the bettor will win half of the bet. Handicap in black means that team will have the advantage and was given a ball from the competitor teams.

Fine / Kei usually given based on the handicap. This fine will be counted in percentage. 0.5 in red means if the bettor lose then the bettor has to pay the bet plus five percent of the bet. Fine in black means the bettor will get the fine if win. If you bet on the playing ball then the fine will be adjusted and change according to the play of the game.

Odd/Even Bettor will predict the total goal or score in the game.

Over/Under As it means, and same as odd/even, bettor will predict the total of the goal or score in a game. Over 2.50 means bettor will predict the team will score more than 2 goals. Under 2.5- means the bettor believe that the team will only score less than 3.

HT/FT means Half Time / Full Time whereas the bettor only bet for half time or until end of the game.

Mix Parlay means bettor will choose several teams that were believed will win according to the handicap. This game is the most favorite game because with only a little bet, bettor can get a big win if all the predictions are correct. The easiest way to win a parlay is by choosing a 1×2 game and Over/Under. Before betting, learn and find the team statistic and the gameplay of each team. Don’t use feeling for the bet unless you are a psychic. Choose the leading teams and not favorite team. And the most important, don’t get greedy, better win a parlay with three or five teams rather than ten teams. Of course the reward is bigger but only a dream if you lose one.

1×2 is a very simple game whereas bettor only choose the winning team or draw and ignoring all available handicap or goals. However only few bettor choose this game because the reward is much fewer than other games. The Home Team usually called by number one. The Away Team called by number two and x is a draw. This game very useful if you are sure that the underdog team will win because the reward is about twice or triple from the bet.

Judi Sportbooks Terpercaya

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