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Winning Poker is Easy.

Everyone like poker game because besides can play as multiplayer, also can increase your income. Before decides to play, better choose Situs Poker Terpercaya. By playing at trusted poker house, players can with ease and focus on the play without worries about BOT in the games.

How to win in the poker game :

  • One should play at Situs Poker Terbaik.
  • Choose the room wisely according to your budget. Do not play in the medium bet room if you have little capital.
  • Be smart before choosing a table before play. Do not sit on a table with few players.
  • Watch the game flow carefully for awhile before playing.
  • Enter with maximum chip. Because with maximum chip, can help boost player’s confidence physiologically
  • Learn how to bluff. Other players are not dumb and stupid, they can even a PRO player. Try to bluff once in a while to see and learn how others respond to your bluff.
  • Do not fold to much unless you get your hand really bad. Because if one player always fold then other players will see how you handle your card and will be very hard to bluff them.
  • Learn others attitude and their body language while bluffing and when they have good hand of decks. If you able to learn and watch all players then to control the game’s flow is easy with bluffing and all-in.
  • Do not be over confidence with High Cards like QQ or KK etc. Small pair sometimes more valuable. Play as usual while watching other reaction on the decks. Do not bet big at the beginning, better wait until fifth card before decide to raise the bet or all-in.
  • Do the all-in once every three or four rounds. But first take note to see if there is a big player on the table. Because big player will always follow an all-in bet.
  • Avoid players play in a team. These players usually know each other and play together on the same table. They usually sit at the beginning or the end of the table. Whereas one player will raise the bet and their friend will bet an all-in so other players beside them will fold.
  • Do not hesitate to move to an empty seat if you feels that the current seat is not good and unlucky.
  • Bet by watching and learning the momentum of the decks. If you have a good hand, try to raise a bit and see how many players follow you. On the third card, if you get a three of a kind, try to raise the bet five fold  from other bets on the fourth turn to raise a winning chance to 90%.
Judi Poker

In a poker game, a player has to be patience and calm while playing. Poker is a game where 80% skill and 20% luck. Be patience until you get a good hand. We can try to bet all-in or raise a bet when you have AA, AK, AQ, AJ, A10. Just to drop other players mental with bad cards. Do not focus on having a straight or flush because the possibility is very slim. The probability of getting a Full House is bigger than straight or flush. Do not rush to get the jackpot because the winning on the table can be bigger and higer then the table’s jackpot. Unless Lady Luck is fall in love with you to win a Progressive Jackpot. The most important thing is, plan your budget, target you daily winning or loss. Don’t keep playing if you already over your daily target. Try to play at Judi Poker Deposit Pulsa, OVO, Gopay.

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