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Poker is a famous and favorite card games from earlier times until now. The progress of poker games really fast and amazing, Poker game even has its own community and competition outside casino. There are movies and tv shows that have poker as their main theme. All of this make poker more popular than others. There are more than 130 variants of poker play worldwide. Each country has its own rule and gameplay. In England, peoples call cards in Poker as a Pack while in US known as deck.

At the beginning poker was played with twenty cards only with four players. Each player will has five cards on hand and the best hand win. Poker cards with 52 cards first released on 1834.

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Casinos made their own poker chip to prevent fraud and scam. At the end of 1800, gold or coins can be use as a bet in a poker game.  Casinos made its own chip from bone, ivory, wood or unique special symbol to show the value of the chip. On 1900 chip was made from clay to complicate scammers from making a duplicate.

First online poker site was established on 1998. The site was called Planet Poker and use real money to play. The site progressed really fast and players around the world were their members. One of the poker variant which is Texas Holdém Poker had six dollars per hand. Unfortunately the site was shut down on 1999 because of many bugs,

Do you know that former US President, Richard Nixon was a poker player? He was an expert poker player, he once won six thousand US dollars within two months while served in the Navy during World War II. The winning bet was used as his first campaign fund on 1946.

Do you know that in one set of poker card can make a variation of two million six hundreds hand ? Not many poker players know about  this. It’s kind amazing that with only fifty two cards can make a variation of more than two millions hands.

The biggest hand in poker is Royal Flush. The orders from the highest to lowest are Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Five of a Kind, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Two Pairs, One Pair and High Hand. High Hand means that the player doesn’t have any pair and only single card.

On 1973, CBS, an American TV Station, organize a first poker tournament shown on TV called World Series of Poker (WSOP) live from Las Vegas. The winner got USD 130,000 as the prize.

Do you know that many BOT play on Online Poker instead of real players? Because so many online poker at the moment, the small casino try to attract new members by offering a lot of first time bonus and big Jacktpo. They claim they have many members to play with. While in reality, they only have a few players and to attract more players, they use BOT to play with players. BOT is a computer program. By playing with BOT, you already lose because as you know, you cannot win against a computer program on its own home. If you want to play Judi Poker Deposit Pulsa, OVO, Gopay, you can try play at Judi Poker Terpercaya. Winning poker is easy.

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