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Poker Fun Facts

Poker is a famous and favorite card games from earlier times until now. The progress of poker games really fast and amazing, Poker game even has its own community and competition outside casino. There are movies and tv shows that have poker as their main theme. All of this make poker more popular than others. There are more than 130 variants of poker play worldwide. Each country has its own rule and gameplay. In England, peoples call cards in Poker as a Pack while in US known as deck.

At the beginning poker was played with twenty cards only with four players. Each player will has five cards on hand and the best hand win. Poker cards with 52 cards first released on 1834.

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Casinos made their own poker chip to prevent fraud and scam. At the end of 1800, gold or coins can be use as a bet in a poker game.  Casinos made its own chip from bone, ivory, wood or unique special symbol to show the value of the chip. On 1900 chip was made from clay to complicate scammers from making a duplicate.

First online poker site was established on 1998. The site was called Planet Poker and use real money to play. The site progressed really fast and players around the world were their members. One of the poker variant which is Texas Holdém Poker had six dollars per hand. Unfortunately the site was shut down on 1999 because of many bugs,

Do you know that former US President, Richard Nixon was a poker player? He was an expert poker player, he once won six thousand US dollars within two months while served in the Navy during World War II. The winning bet was used as his first campaign fund on 1946.

Do you know that in one set of poker card can make a variation of two million six hundreds hand ? Not many poker players know about  this. It’s kind amazing that with only fifty two cards can make a variation of more than two millions hands.

The biggest hand in poker is Royal Flush. The orders from the highest to lowest are Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Five of a Kind, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Two Pairs, One Pair and High Hand. High Hand means that the player doesn’t have any pair and only single card.

On 1973, CBS, an American TV Station, organize a first poker tournament shown on TV called World Series of Poker (WSOP) live from Las Vegas. The winner got USD 130,000 as the prize.

Do you know that many BOT play on Online Poker instead of real players? Because so many online poker at the moment, the small casino try to attract new members by offering a lot of first time bonus and big Jacktpo. They claim they have many members to play with. While in reality, they only have a few players and to attract more players, they use BOT to play with players. BOT is a computer program. By playing with BOT, you already lose because as you know, you cannot win against a computer program on its own home. If you want to play Judi Poker Deposit Pulsa, OVO, Gopay, you can try play at Judi Poker Terpercaya. Winning poker is easy.

Live Casino Poker

Play Poker can Earn Money

Poker is a favorite all time card game Online or Online, Games or Casino. Because in poker, we play against other players and not banker. The casino only provide the plae and chip for the players with of course some commission. However in Online Casino, they only take some of the commission and the rest will be put in a Jackpot whereas the player will get the jackpot if they get special hand such as four of a kind, straight flush, full house, five of a kind and Royal Flush.

Many sites provide this service for the players to play poker against each other. Before playing, better look for a trusted site such as Situs Poker Terbaik. Because of lot competitors for this Online Poker, many poker sites were impacted by this and they only have few members to play so some small houses will try to camouflage this with a computer program, usually we called it BOT,  to play with real player. This BOT thing is really making real player at their disadvantage because you cannot win against BOT. This kind of thing really make player waste their time and money,

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There are many type of Poker but the most favorite one in Online Casino is Texas Hold’em Poker whereas players will get two card to compete with and then the dealer will open five cards on the table one by one. Player can bet in between. The winner is a player who get the highest hand. However the casino I introduce here is a bit different. They have many type of card games beside poker such as Big 2, Capsa susun and even domino cards so you can say this house is an all in one services. This house also connected to some Big Poker Houses where they provide many tables with real players and not BOT so players can play with ease.

This Poker game very interesting because aside from Lady Luck, players compete with their own skill and also guts. Player with bad hand can win a Poker Game because of his skill. Player need to have the ability to read the gameplay and the cards. To know if someone bluffing or not is very difficult but essential in winning a poker game. Jungle Law really apply in this card game whereas a player with big balance will easily win the game and a pro player will not hesitate to crush a newbie. If you a new to this game, try to play a free game first to make yourself familiar with the game and to learn how to read other players game play.

To winning a poker game, high balance is not enough. One cannot depends on an all in bet everytime. All in means you bet everything for the current hand. You can use this system for maybe once or twice in the game. More than that then other player will know that you only bluffing and they will follow your all in bet. Need a lot of patience, calm and an ability to read the game play. With emotion control and patience, you will get a good hand to play with.

This Online Poker Game can be an alternate for your spare time and you can also earn money when you relaxing at home. Play at trusted online poker house which much secure and comfortable. Play at Judi Poker Deposit Pulsa, OVO, Gopay. Even a veteran and expert player can lose all the balance if play against BOT at some anonymous site. Check first before playing. You don’t want to lose your balance by playing at some random site. Wish you a lot of luck.

Live Casino Poker

Winning Poker is Easy.

Everyone like poker game because besides can play as multiplayer, also can increase your income. Before decides to play, better choose Situs Poker Terpercaya. By playing at trusted poker house, players can with ease and focus on the play without worries about BOT in the games.

How to win in the poker game :

  • One should play at Situs Poker Terbaik.
  • Choose the room wisely according to your budget. Do not play in the medium bet room if you have little capital.
  • Be smart before choosing a table before play. Do not sit on a table with few players.
  • Watch the game flow carefully for awhile before playing.
  • Enter with maximum chip. Because with maximum chip, can help boost player’s confidence physiologically
  • Learn how to bluff. Other players are not dumb and stupid, they can even a PRO player. Try to bluff once in a while to see and learn how others respond to your bluff.
  • Do not fold to much unless you get your hand really bad. Because if one player always fold then other players will see how you handle your card and will be very hard to bluff them.
  • Learn others attitude and their body language while bluffing and when they have good hand of decks. If you able to learn and watch all players then to control the game’s flow is easy with bluffing and all-in.
  • Do not be over confidence with High Cards like QQ or KK etc. Small pair sometimes more valuable. Play as usual while watching other reaction on the decks. Do not bet big at the beginning, better wait until fifth card before decide to raise the bet or all-in.
  • Do the all-in once every three or four rounds. But first take note to see if there is a big player on the table. Because big player will always follow an all-in bet.
  • Avoid players play in a team. These players usually know each other and play together on the same table. They usually sit at the beginning or the end of the table. Whereas one player will raise the bet and their friend will bet an all-in so other players beside them will fold.
  • Do not hesitate to move to an empty seat if you feels that the current seat is not good and unlucky.
  • Bet by watching and learning the momentum of the decks. If you have a good hand, try to raise a bit and see how many players follow you. On the third card, if you get a three of a kind, try to raise the bet five fold  from other bets on the fourth turn to raise a winning chance to 90%.
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In a poker game, a player has to be patience and calm while playing. Poker is a game where 80% skill and 20% luck. Be patience until you get a good hand. We can try to bet all-in or raise a bet when you have AA, AK, AQ, AJ, A10. Just to drop other players mental with bad cards. Do not focus on having a straight or flush because the possibility is very slim. The probability of getting a Full House is bigger than straight or flush. Do not rush to get the jackpot because the winning on the table can be bigger and higer then the table’s jackpot. Unless Lady Luck is fall in love with you to win a Progressive Jackpot. The most important thing is, plan your budget, target you daily winning or loss. Don’t keep playing if you already over your daily target. Try to play at Judi Poker Deposit Pulsa, OVO, Gopay.